Thursday, 17 November 2011

Status of November Quandary

As of yet no big bucks have fallen (or little bucks or does, for that matter) but I did steal a few hours on the 12th to enjoy what will likely be my last hurrah of the North Dakota duck season.

After breaking ice I found a little open water on my favorite duck marsh (location withheld for obvious reasons) and promptly shot a limit of greenwing drakes. I was so excited I could barely contain myself; I can’t recollect shooting a limit of greenwing drakes. I must say they plucked up nicely.

The water is hard now and the ducks and geese have moved southward. The good news: I have until the 20th to shoot my deer. My November Quandary is now over. I had a great duck season here…but now my single focus is to put venison in the freezer.

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